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Create awesome time-lapse videos of your Mac screen.

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Version 2.0 Β· macOS 10.12 or later required Β· Native M1 support

Show off your work.

Record your speedpaints, logo designs, coding sessions, & more. Hustl will convert all your effort into an awesome high-speed video to show off your work process.

Native M1 support

Hustl has been upgraded to use the full power or the new Apple Silicon Macs, to squeeze all the native performance capabilities of a chip as advanced as the Apple M1 (ARM). All of this while keeping a top notch performance for all Intel devices. So whether you own an Intel or a M1 Mac, you'll always use the full potential of Hustl.

New version. Completely rewritten.
10x more efficient.

Hustl 2 is finally here. Completely rewritten from scratch, it packs a ton of new features and has been updated for the newest macOS 11.4 Big Sur – ready to rock 2021, with native M1 support. We've listened carefully to your feedback, and we think you'll love the new stuff. More reliable and bug-free than ever, you're also going to experience the most efficient version yet: Hustl 2 has minimal performance impact on your computer. Relax and enjoy, you and your Mac will likely not even notice Hustl is doing its job.

Capture only the active app.

Record one app, and only one app. Even if you're frequently tabbing and switching over from Photoshop to your browser. Set a specific app as a target and Hustl will prevent any other screens to be part of your time-lapse by automagically ignoring all other activity happening outside of your target app. This life saver will help you drastically cut down editing time – if any!

Ultra high-definition. 4K & 8K support. Sharp details.

Crisp. Big. Fresh. Hustl 2 is adding support for the next generation of ultra high-definition video. With a capture area matching your monitor's size, Hustl can now export in up to 8K resolution. Enjoy the quality and the precision of every pixel on the screen. Details are now sharper than ever before – you'll never get a blurry time-lapse.

Pause your time-lapse. Resume anytime.

Sometimes the task at hand is just too big to get it done in one sit, and sometimes you just need a break to catch up with emails and browse social media away from the camera's eye. Hustl 2 lets you pause and resume your recording at any time, as many times as you need. Plus, you'll get useful stats about the time-lapse when you pause so you'll always feel in control over the final product.

Fix the aspect ratio. Or go fullscreen.

You requested it, here it is. Go fullscreen in a single click, or even set up Hustl to record time-lapses in fullscreen mode by default. Or get to adjust every capture area with pixel perfect precision and aided by the tool to lock the aspect ratio. Your choice.

Slow down. Or speed up. Select the final duration and control every detail.

Adjust output video format and select export time: choose how long the time-lapse will be by changing the amount of frames per second (FPS) the output video will use. For example, if you recorded 8 hours at one screenshot every 10 seconds, you can choose your final time-lapse video to be 4min (at 12fps), 1.5min (at 30fps), 48 seconds (at 60fps)... condense it as much as you want, it's your choice!

Smart autopause. Smart events.

We all get distracted and forget to get back to the computer for a while. Hustl automatically detects and removes periods of inactivity, so your timelapses will always look seamless. Also, who doesn't forget to start or stop & export from time to time? Hustl now reminds you of important events, so you always capture your best work.

Review your shots before exporting.

Your recordings can be lengthy, and may contain a lot of frames you'd like to review, export, or edit out. Hustl now automatically removes inactivity periods, cutting down most editing time, and yielding a video that's almost ready to share – but pro users want to tune the final result up to the level of individual screenshots. Now you can.

Showcase your work like it deserves

Start taking your time lapses to the next level and show off your work like a pro.

Join today a tribe of world-class creators

Start doing what the pros do. Get to crush your goals and start becoming the designer you've always wanted to be. Hone your craft and improve your skill with every time-lapse. It's time to level up your game.

Get inspired by the Hustl community.

Watch our community of artists, creatives, designers, illustrators, programmers and writers completely rocking it by using Hustl to record their work.

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Version 2.0 Β· macOS 10.12 or later required Β· Native M1 support