Introducing Hustl 2: a completely rewritten, native version that’s 10x better

We’re super excited here at Hustl.

A completely new version of the app is ready to see the light. We’ve been gathering a lot of feedback in the past months, listened carefully to it, and turned it into improvements. We’re calling it Hustl 2. And it’s lighter and faster than ever.

The great news is that this new version will be provided as a free upgrade for all existing users.

The greater news is that Hustl 2 has been completely rewritten from scratch, focusing on reliability, better UX and fixing old errors / noisy popup messages. It will also include long-requested features like pausing and resuming the recording, 4K support, easy fullscreen + easy aspect ratio fix and capturing only the active app.

We’re so excited for you to try it! We’ve spent the past few weeks putting the finishing touches sending it to beta testers to make sure everything worked before launching the official release. It’s out now!

How to get it

If you’re a current user of Hustl, the new version Hustl 2 will be provided to you for free. Your current app should prompt you to install the new version. If that’s not happening, check your email. We’ve sent out an email to all existing customers with the new app and instructions to install it. It’s as easy as downloading it and start using it!

If you don’t have Hustl yet, it’s your lucky day! You can get the completely new version at a reduced price using the very limited launch coupon code WELCOMEHUSTL2. Click the button below where the discount has already been applied!

What’s new in Hustl 2

Hustl 2 is packed with a lot of new features, apart from improvements to the old ones we all used and loved. Here’s a comprehensive list of what’s new in this release:

  • The app has been completely rewritten in 100% native code using the latest Swift 5.2 programming language and is fully compatible with the newest macOS Catalina
  • Fixed error: “Unhandled Promise Rejection Error: net::ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED” when you switched WiFi networks or your computer was disconnected from the internet
  • Fixed error where Hustl would not save/export video to certain locations but worked fine exporting in other folders such as the Desktop or Downloads folder (it works everywhere now)
  • Fixed a lot of minor bugs and errors related to some settings not being updated, app crashing unexpectedly, recording area disappearing, app not being able to auto update itself…
  • Hustl 2 now uses almost 100% native components from macOS instad of custom components, seamlessly integrating with the look and feel of the rest of your apps
  • Support for light and dark mode – Hustl 2 syncs with your current macOS setting
  • New recording capture area selection tool: bug free, more robust and intuitive
  • Hustl makes it more obvious now to know when the app is active and recording because its menubar icon is animating when it’s recording and paused otherwise
  • New feature: toggle capture fullscreen in a single click
  • New feature: capture fullscreen by default (in Settings)
  • New feature: capture only the active app
  • New feature: pause and resume the timelapse anytime
  • New feature: you can now change the rate at which Hustl capture your screen while you’re recording (when paused)
  • New feature: status screen when pausing with info about the current recording session
  • New feature: support for 4K and 8K resolutions when exporting
  • New feature: support for extra sharp HQ recording quality (in Settings)
  • New feature: export in default quality or maximum quality for extra crisp results
  • New feature: speed up or slow down your time-lapse when exporting by selecting the final FPS
  • New feature: fix the aspect ratio when resizing the capture area
  • New preferences / settings window with new and more settings to customize your recordings
  • New and improved automatic license activation system: now when you activate your current license key in a new computer, it automatically gets deactivated in the last one and this process does not require any human support assistance
  • New and improved auto-update system (+ fixes an error that some users reported: Hustl sometimes was not able to find and download the newest update despite displaying the “There’s a new Hustl update available. Click to download and install.” notification)
  • New discount / coupon system
  • Hustl 2 now has 10 times less impact in your Mac’s CPU – you will barely notice it working
  • Hustl 2 now has 5 times less impact in your Mac’s memory – easy on your RAM
  • Hustl 2 is now a 7 times smaller app
  • New YouTube channel with inspiring Hustl videos
  • New main website
  • New blog section with tips and inspiration to help you take your work to the next level using time-lapses
  • New Help Center section with FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and Support
  • And many more minor improvements we’re sure you’ll love

Show us your creations!

We hope you like the new stuff in Hustl 2 and enjoy it as much as we enjoy creating it!

Please let us know what you’ve created with Hustl and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

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