Best Screen Recorder for Ipad

If you’re looking for the best screen recorder for Ipad, you’re just in the right place! Here we will review some great free tools and available in all Apple devices, that will allow you to record all your work from the screen of your Ipad device.

How to screen record on Ipad

iOS Screen Recorder

Both iPhone and iPad have a built-in app that allows the user to record their own screen while working, being able to create a whole video of all the process, the iOS Screen Recorder.

The video will automatically be included inside the app of photos, making it even easier to post edit and share the video.

If you’re looking to screen record from your Ipad, these are the steps to follow:

  • Go to “Settings” and click “Control Center” and then “Customize control”, later press the icon “+” over the option “Screen Recording”
  • The screen recorder option will be now included within the Control Center; to get access to it, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and then press the screen recording button (in newer devices, the control center will be accesible from the top left of the screen). It will appear a three second countdown and then the recording will start.
  • Once you’re finished recording, press again the “Screen Recorder” button in the “Control Center”.
  • The video will be automatically stored in the “Photos” app

Here you have a video with the same explanation in case still have some doubts!

QuickTime Player

There are more than one way to record the screen of your iPad using a built-in app that is available in all Apple devices, QuickTime Player. For this option, you will need to have a Mac and a lightning cable. These are the steps to follow:

  • First, connect your iPad and the Mac with the lightning cable
  • Open Quicktime player app, which you can easily find in the Applications folder.
  • Click Folder>New Movie Recording or use the shortcut Control+Option+N
  • Click over the arrow that appears besides the “Record” button and click over Camera>iPad
  • The screen will be resized and will show a mirror image of your iPad’s screen
  • Whenever you’re ready, hit “Record”
  • While recording, you will see in your Mac screen everything that is happening in your iPad; don’t worry if you see some lag between the action of the iPad and the Mac, it’s normal.
  • Once you have finish, hit the “Record” button again
  • Save the video and from there, you can edit or share it

How to screen record on Ipad with audio

So now that we know how to record the screen of the Ipad, the next is to know how to screen record with audio, being able to include the voice or the ambient audio to the recording, creating an even more complete piece without post-editing.

iOS Screen Recorder

These are the steps to follow:

  • Once you have fixed the “Screen Recorder” in the Control Center, just press continuously over the icon “Screen Recorder” till it appears the option “Microphone Audio Off”
  • To record including the audio, press over the microphone icon and the text will change to “Microphone Audio On”
  • Hit “Start recording”
  • Now you’re able to record the screen of your ipad and the audio through your microphone. Once finished, hit again the screen recorder button and the video will be automatically stored in “Photos”

Here there is a video with the same visual explanation, just to be extra clear!

QuickTime Player

If you’re using QuickTime Player to record the screen of your iPad and you’re willing to record the audio, check out our tutorial How to record screen and audio with Mac, where we detail how to record the audio while recording the screen with QuickTime Player.


In this post, we’ve shown you some great alternatives to record the screen of your iPad with two options to consider: iOS Screen Recorder and Quicktime Player. We hope you find this tutorial useful!

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