5 open source screen recorders you should try right know

Looking for open source software to record your screen and show off your work? Welcome! Here, we will review some of the best resources you can find in the market!

UltraVNC Screen Recorder

UltraVNC is a very fast screen capturing software that includes amazing features like recording audio and sync it with the video, while the final file is saved on the hard disk, being able to share it on your preferred platforms.

As a free and open source software, you can download and try it for free. This is the perfect screen recorder for people looking out for a fast and effective screen recorder software.

Share X

ShareX is a free and open source tool that will allow you to record all your work in your screen. It includes cool features as creating short links or QR codes to share your video right away, and is only available for Windows.

In addition, it includes some useful features after recording as screen color picker, image effects, image thumbnailer or video converter, that will make the sharing process smoother.


SimpleScreenRecorder is an open source screen recorder that includes all its options in a single menu, being able to save different settings configuration, useful for those who make a lot of different screen recordings.

Simple Screen Recorder includes features like live previews while recording a video, supporting audio recording from external sources, and choosing from different video formats before exporting the final clip.


VirtualDub is open software that captures the screen, being capable to process many files and customise them using external video filters.

This fully customisable (and free) screen capturing software, includes cool features like noise reduction, shortcuts for quick creations, editing audio tracks, video filters, audio compression and decompression or video preview.


OBS is an open source program that allows to record your screen and make live streaming for free. This software is perfect for recording all your activity on the screen and then saving the raw video on the computer.


In this post, we’ve shown you some great open source screen recorder alternatives: UltraVNC Screen Recorder, Share X, Simple Screen Recorder, OBS and VirtualDub. We hope you found all this information useful!

If you’re looking for screen recorders for Ubuntu, check out our post Ubuntu Screen Recorder.

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