The best music for speedpaint

If you are looking for good music for speedpaints, you’re in the right place! We’ll go over some of the best websites to get copyright free music from – so that you can freely use it in your speedpainting videos!

Where to find good music for speedpaints

You’ve finished your speedpaint, so you’ll probably want to add some good music to make the video experience even better. But watch out! Most music we listen to on a daily basis is copyrighted, and you want to make sure you’re not using those so you’re not getting yourself into any legal trouble. More on this topic later on.

So the question arises: where do I find good songs for my speedpaints?

Here are some of the best resources where you can get free music for your speedpaint:

  • Epidemic Sound: this monthly subscription service will give you access to a huge library of royalty-free music, so you’ll never have copyright issues with your speedpaint again.
  • FreeSongsToUse: this YouTube channel includes different songs free to be used on YouTube & Twitch content without copyright infringement.
  • YouTube Audio Library: a free music library where you will find background music for our audiovisual creations. The only condition is that the music must be associated with a YouTube video, it should not be used for other purposes.
  • AudioJungle: here you can find music of all kinds. It does not provide free downloads, but the prices are affordable.
  • Audio Library: this channel is fully dedicated to searching, indexing and gathering all the music that has been published to be used freely by content creators.
  • Storyblocks: this is low-cost subscription model where you can find and download music, sound effects and everything you may need for your speedpaint.
  • NoCopyrightSongs: this YouTube channel works with artists worldwide from different genres to create free to use music for all the creators.
  • DanoSongs: Dan-O, music creator, offers his royalty free music under different ranges of prices, without any need of credit
  • Incompetech Royalty Free Music: this page brings together a large collection of free music, under Creative Commons license and has a variety of categories: blues, jazz, Latin, contemporary, disco, reggae, pop, rock, classical, African, electronic, funk, etc.
  • Free Music Archive: this service is 100% focused to reward creators, offering free music resources, all you need to add the best music for your speedpaints.
  • 4tune No Copyright Music: this YouTube channel has a great vision: became the greatest royalty free music brand in the world, promoting composers worldwide and providing free music to creators
  • TeknoAXE’s Royalty Free Music: this YouTube channel provides an extensive collection of music free to use for all purposes, open to creators.

Any creative work, like music, has legal rights just by existing. One of the most widely known rights is the so-called Copyright, which has to do with the legal owner of the work. Copyright, as the name goes by, is the right of the owner of the work (music, in this case), to limit the right to make copies of the song. That includes downloading, using or even listening the song via a streaming platform like YouTube.

Most music we hear is copyrighted. Their owners chose to impose strict limits on who and how can use the music, and they’re in their right to do so. However, the downside of this for us artists is that if we use one copyrighted song in one of our videos, they might end up being taken down by YouTube, Twitch or whichever platform they’re hosted in. Platforms like YouTube have the legal obligation to search and take down videos that use Copyrighted material without the authorization of their owners.

The only easy way to avoid getting into legal troubles like this is by using copyright-free music.

Copyright-free music (sometimes referred to as royalty free music) is a type of music in which its authors/owners have decided not to be strict about who and how can copy and use their songs. This can mean that either the song is completely free to use or that it’s licensed so that it allows the buyer to pay for the music license once only and use it for as long and as many times as they wish.

This means not all copyright-free music is actually free of charge (although there’s a huge chance that’d be the case), but anyways it’s always an affordable solution to add quality music to your speedpaint while being legally protected from any future issue with its rights.

In whichever case, every site we listed (and most likely every song) should make explicit the kind of license or rights you have by downloading and using the song, so be sure to check them out!

All the resources listed above include copyright free music options, so just choose your favorites and start creating with the best music!

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