All about digital artist WLOP

Are you a fan of Wlop’s art and want to know more? You’re in the perfect place! Here, we will review all you can know about this artist, buckle up!

Who’s WLOP?

WLOP (real name Wang Ling) is a hobbyist digital artist from China, actually based in Hong Kong; very well-known for her painting process videos, where he reflects detailed stories within the fantasy genre.

He is very active in the main social media where he can showcase his art, like YouTube, Devianart, or ArtStation, as well as being active in Patreon.

In YouTube, he uses the speedpaint process to show its painting process from beginning to end, with Photoshop as its main content platform.

WLOP’s art

WLOP’s art is beautiful and amazing, extraordinarily sensitive and nostalgic. It represents normally female characters in active or emotional scenes, sharing its whole photoshop painting process from beginning to end so its community can learn from him.

WLOP’s Social Media

If you’re interested to follow WLOP, check out these links:

  • Deviantart: he is an active member of the community, which allows artists to show off their work, while connecting to fellow artists and art enthusiasts.
  • Youtube: this is his main channel, where he shares free painting tutorials in speedpaint format, with Photoshop as its main painting platform.
  • Instagram: here he shares some of her pieces of its finished art, creating an engaging content but without sharing tips or painting processes.
  • Twitter: here he shares her work in a more “fluent” way, being able to open conversations and communicating the latest updates. He has a large community of followers in this network, with some remarkable celebrities, like Elon Musk!

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