What’s the difference between hyperlapse vs timelapse?

Sometimes there’s this doubt, what’s exactly the difference between an hyperlapse and a timelapse? In many cases, it can look very similar, but there are crucial changes that you must know. Let’s check them out:


Timelapsing is a photography -based process, taking a series of still pictures and mixing them together into an accelerated video, being able to see photo by photo a wide range of changes within a static background.

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Now that you know what’s a timelapse let’s take a look to some cool timelapses that you can create:

Sunset timelapse

With this timelapse you can capture the magical moment that the sun gives us at the end of the day from beginning to end, so you will not miss a single detail when the last lights flood the sky.

Sky timelapse

This timelapse is simply magical, opening up the mystery of the starry sky and the planets or watching a clouds pass by. Let yourself be seduced by the sky!

Snowfall timelapse

Capture all the magic of the snow falling little by little on your favourite landscape, capturing all the magic of the moment. You can get a bit cold, but it will totally worth it!

City timelapse

What a better way to capture the life and pulse of a city than capturing all its frenetic movement in a timelapse, in which you can also cover both sides, the professional morning and the uninhibited night. You won’t regret it!


Hyper-lapsing takes video directly and enables you to adjust the speed, becoming a continuous image moving fast or slow. Is similar to a timelapse, but it includes image stabilisation, creating a steady video directly from the smartphone.

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