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Here, we will review all about Blits Adalis Dash, the digital artists well known for her incredible work with the MLP fandom (My Little Pony) and other fandoms, like HH (Hazbin Hotel) mainly from her YouTube channel , where she has become a true exponent of speedpainting.

Who’s Blits Adalis Dash?

Blits Adalis Dash (her real name is Sarah-Michelle) or Blits, is a digital artist from the Netherlands, widely recognized for her work within MLP fandom, sharing incredible speedpaints, where you can follow all her creative process, while enjoying her unique style.

Her style has developed around dark/gore category, what gives her viewers the opportunity to explore this way of expression over the world of My Little Pony.

In addition, Blits has shared her passion for languages, having a remarkable multilingual talent, being able to speak English, Dutch, German, Spanish and, right now, she has started learning Russian.

Among her interests, we can found How To Train Your Dragon, World War Z or The Matrix as her favourite movies and The Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones or La Casa De Papel as favourite TV shows.

Regarding music, Clean Bandit, Little Big and Secession Studios are her favourite bands and Stephen King her favourite writer; she has also shown gaming interest, having Minecraft as her favourite game.

Blits Adalis Dash art

Blits’s art is really focused within dark/core category towards MLP, exposing new stories for the fandom from her unique style.

Her main channel is YouTube, where she shares mainly speedpaints, redraws, music and MLP and HH compilations. If you’re interested in trying out speedpaints, check out our post How to make a speedpaint to learn everything you must know.

Here you can see some great playlists of her work:


Speedpaint music

Hazbin Hotel

Blits Adalis Dash Social Media

If you’re interested to follow NamyGaga, check out this links:

  • Deviantart: Deviantart is a community of digital artists showing off their work, while connecting to fellow artists and art enthusiasts
  • Youtube: this is her main channel, where she shares redraws, music and speedpaint content.
  • Instagram:  here she shares some of her pieces of art, giving us a nice glimpse of her development.
  • Twitter: this channel is a useful resource to be updated about her activity, but there isn’t that much contact with her art.

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