All about digital artist Emilyena

Are you a fan of the awesome work of Emilyena? You’re in the right place!

Here, we will talk about Emilyena, the digital artist from Kazakhstan, known for her personal style, dominated by a strong influence of the dark style, even herself remarks that it is her passion to draw “creepy and funny things”. Her main content can be fount in her YouTube channel.

Who’s Emilyena?

Emilyena or Yernata Mukhanzharova, is a young digital artist from Kazakhstan.

She is well known for her dark style, developing horror and scary images, shared afterwards in her Youtube and other platforms, like Artstation.

At the beginning, she developed her art with Paint Tool SAI, making fanart of some of her favourite characters such as Nassstya from Gravity Falls; but since 2017-2018, she has moved to the dark style that she continues to develop nowadays, while shifting from Paint Tool SAI to ClipStudio.

About her personal life, she is passionate about metal and rock music and definitely a cat person.

Emilyena’s tutorials

Emilyena defines herself as a true lover of dark style, from where she has developed different characters and stories; as a result, her YouTube channel has become an ode to her art, in which we can see all her development as an artist. In addition, Emilyena develops tutorials at the request of her fans, as well as developing contests, challenges and reviews of different products to make digital art.

Her main format on YouTube is the speedpaint, in which she can show her subscribers her entire creative process. If you’re interested in trying out speedpaints, check out our post How to make a speedpaint to learn everything you must know!

Emilyena social media

If you’re interested to follow Emilyena, check out this links:

  • Artstation: here you will find a broad recompilation of her work with HD quality, being one of her main showrooms for her art.
  • Youtube: this is the main channel, where she shares mainly speedpaint content.
  • Instagram: here you can find a nice glimpse of her art development and personal life.
  • Twitter: this channel is a useful resource to be informed about her life updates, that are commonly communicated in russian.

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