All about anime artist Hyanna Natsu

Are you a fan of the amazing work of Hyanna Natsu? You’re in the right place!

In this post, we will talk about Hyanna Natsu, the self-taught anime artist, well-known for her digital art, mainly focused on anime, which she shares in Devianart, Instagram and YouTube mainly; in this last platform, she uses the speedpaint format, to show her painting process to their users and build complete tutorials.

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Who’s Hyanna Natsu?

Hyanna Natsu, born in 2000, is a popular digital artist who deliberately keeps personal data, such as nationality or other details of her life in private so, this is what we know for the moment:

This artist is mostly known for giving photoshop tutorials with features such as cell shading, soft shading, and shiny shading. She started posting videos about “chibi”, which is easier to draw compared to other anime characters. Apart from digital, she likes to experiment outside the screen, with tools like crayons.

Her main platforms are Photoshop and Paint Tool SAI, making challenging how-to tutorials drawing increasingly more complicated and detailed anime characters, mixing anime and other styles, such as Disney characters.

Here are some fun facts about her: she loves chocolate, English is not her main language but she controls it very well, and among all anime, her favorite character is Snow White with Red Hair.

Hyanna Natsu’s YouTube

YouTube is Hyanna Natsu’s main channel, uploading amazing content like:

  • Speedpaint: a timelapsed painting process that offers to their users a dynamic experience of their art while learning about her process
  • Tutorials: this a really valuable resource for her followers, showing a step by step guide of some diffucult parts of the drawing process
  • Fanart: she develops fanart around her favourite characters, always related to anime, creating talented pieces of artwork.

Hyanna Natsu’s social media

If you’re interested to follow Hyanna Natsu, check out these links:

  • Deviantart: she’s an active member of this community which allows artists to show off their work, while connecting to fellow artists and art enthusiasts.
  • Youtube: this is her main channel, where she shares tutorials, art and speedpaint content.
  • Instagram: here she shares some of her pieces of art, creating an engaging content in a not that much “arty” network.
  • Twitter: here she shares her work in a more “fluid” way, often sharing unfinished or darfts to grow engagement with its public.

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