All about digital artist NamyGaga

Willing to know everything about NamyGaga? Can’t be in a better place! Here, we will review all the incredible work of Namy Gaga, the digital artist that is well known for working with different fandoms, like FNAF (Five Nights at Freddie’s), MLP (My Little Pony), TLK (The Lion King) or SVTFOE (Stars Vs The Force Of Evil) mainly from her YouTube channel , where she experiment with different ways of expressing herself, such as speedpaint, covers, fandubs and remixes.

Who’s NamyGaga?

NamyGaga is a mexican digital artist which real name is Erika Nahomi Gómez Alanis or Namy, as she preferred to be called, that has become increasingly well-known due to her work in YouTube, where she experiments with different artist expressions (speedpaint, remix, mashups, animation..) within fandoms, being a remarkable figure within the FNAF fandom.

She’s really interested in fandubbing and cinema (she’s studying film and production) and has even worked as dubbing actress for a YouTube Series called Un video para comentar and has proven to have great qualities for singing, as you can see in this great playlist.

Apart from her incredible drawing skills, she also uploads gaming content, preferring games such as Halo, Silent Hill or Tomb Raider and Xbox as main gaming console. Regarding music, she declares to be a great Lady Gaga fan, making some great covers of her music, as the one you can find below.

What’s FNAFNG?

In addition, she has created an alternative universe within FNAF world (created by Scott Cawthon), called FNAGFG (Five Nights at Freddie’s Namy Gaga) where instead of drawing the characters with an animatronic style she embodies them as organic creatures, made of flesh and bone.

If you want to watch some of her best content within FNAFNG, check out this playlist we have prepared with some great videos made by NamyGaga to inspire you:

NamyGaga’s YouTube

YouTube is her main channel, uploading really cool content like:

  • Gameplays: as we have mentioned before, Namy Gaga is really into gaming, sharing her game with all her viewers, being really active, among others, with Halo or Minecraft.
  • Speedpaint: where she shares all her painting process in a fun way and formative way. If you’re interested in trying out speedpaints, check out our post How to make a speedpaint to learn everything you must know.
  • Covers and fandubbing: as being interested in cinema and dubbing, she has uploaded a lot of content showing her remarkable talent related to her drawing interests.
  • Animation 2D and 3D: within different fandoms, she develops new stories and animated versions, giving great veracity and life to the characters.
  • Direct streaming: where she shares her life and work updates with her viewers in a near and friendly way

NamyGaga’s social media

If you’re interested to follow NamyGaga, check out this links:

  • Deviantart: Deviantart is a community of digital artists showing off their work, while connecting to fellow artists and art enthusiasts
  • Youtube: this is her main channel, where she shares fandubbing, covers, animation and speedpaint content.
  • Instagram: here she shares some of her pieces of art along with personal information of her life, that gives us a nice glimpse of her development.
  • Twitter: this channel, often run in her mother tongue, spanish, is a useful resource to be updated about her activity, but there is not that much contact with her art.
  • Facebook: her Facebook page is a quick vision of all her new art pieces and updates, a useful resource to be aware of her activity.

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