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Here, we will review all the incredible work of Neytirix, the mysterious digital artist, well known for working with different fandoms, like FNAF (Five Nights at Freddie’s), Zootopia, Dream SMP, Among Us, Pewdiepie or making adult versions of children’s series, like Frozen, Powerpuff girls or Dora Explorer mainly from her YouTube channel , where she experiment with different digital art methods, such as speedpaint, animations, and covers.

Who’s Neytirix?

There is not much information available in the internet of Neytirix, so her life’s details and personal appearance remains as a mystery.

This what we know by now: Neytirix is an australian digital artist that has positioned herself as one of the most relevant digital artist in YouTube within fandoms like FNAF, Dream SMP, Among Us… and her incredible work with dragons, where she has created a whole and detailed range of dragon stories.

Her most common content are speedpaints, where you can follow all her art process from scratch and learn how to do it yourself (if you’re interested in trying out speedpaints, check out our post How to make a speedpaint to learn everything you must know).

In addition, she’s also interested in music, as she has uploaded a lot of videos where we can see her (with a mask to protect her identity) singing beautiful songs and showing a really talented voice for singing.

Neytirix FNAF

Neytirix is well-known for her fanart work with FNAF (Five Nights at Freddy’s), a survival horror nine-game series created by Scott Cawthon in 2014, where she shares her art experiments, drawing the animatronic characters from a scratch, with a great attention to detail.

Neytirix Deviantart

As other digital artists, Neytirix is pretty active in Deviantart, a community of digital artists showing off their work, while connecting to fellow artists and art enthusiasts. Here, you can see a wide range of her pieces of art organizewd by themes, being able to share, mark as favourite and comment her art.

Neytirix Dragons

Apart of fanart, Neytirix has shown an special interest in fantasy, specially dragons, where she has developed a wide and complete range of characters and stories, being a really interactive content with her users. Each of the dragons she has designed has unique features related to their behaviour and nature.

You can also check her work with dragons in Deviantart, where she has an special gallery focused in them.

Neytirix’s Social Media

  • Deviantart: Deviantart is a community of digital artists showing off their work, while connecting to fellow artists and art enthusiasts
  • Youtube: this is her main channel, where she shares covers, animation and speedpaint content.
  • Instagram: here she shares some of her pieces of art, giving us a nice glimpse of her development.
  • Twitter: this channel, is a useful resource to be updated about her activity, but there is not such direct contact with her art.

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