All about digital artist Shal E

Willing to know everything about Shal E? Can’t be in a better place!

Here, we will review all about Shal E, the mysterious illustrator from Korea, well known for her incredible art with Photoshop, whose creative process is always uploaded to YouTube.

Who’s Shal E?

Shal E is a freelance illustrator from Seoul, South Korea that is widely known for its YouTube channel, where you can find speedpaint content, being able to follow his exquisite art process.

Its art is very influenced by fiction, sci-fi and dark fantasy, while transmitting a really sensitive style, that inspires all its followers with the outstanding results.

Shal E art

Its art is mainly developed in Photoshop, a tool with which he demonstrates great virtuosity.

Its first content uploaded was categorised by dark fantasy, developing mainly feminine figures, but has explored new styles, like pop, sci-fi or fiction, in which he has also demonstrated great capacity and a very personal style.

Its main content is uploaded in its Youtube channel with speedpaint format (If you’re interested in trying out speedpaints, check out our post How to make a speedpaint to learn everything you must know)

Shal E social media

If you’re interested to follow Shal E, check out this links:

  • Artstation: ArtStation enables artists to showcase their portfolios, discover & stay inspired.
  • Youtube: this is the main channel, where he shares mainly speedpaint content.
  • Instagram: here you can find a nice glimpse of his art development and sometimes his personal life, like photos of his beloved pet, for example.
  • Twitter: this channel is a useful resource to be informed about all his art updates.
  • Pixiv: Pixiv is a Japanese online community for artists and it aims to provide them a place to exhibit their illustrations and get feedback.

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