Timelapse ideas to beat your creative block

Are you here looking for inspiration? Great! We know that’s not easy to be inspired for new timelapses everyday and create cool content.

It’s never easy to create, especially when ideas are scarce. With this list, we wanted to inspire you for your next video and show you how to create them. If you’re only interested in creating general timelapses, check out our post How to make a timelapse video.

Snowfall timelapse

If a great white blanket has just fallen in your city, what better reminder of such beauty. With this type of timelapse, you can see step by step how your city or your home is transformed into a winter paradise.

Sky timelapse

Who hasn’t marvelled at the wonders of the starry sky? With a sky timelapse you will be able to see the progress of the night and the constellations in their maximum splendor.

City timelapse

The bustling activity of a city portrayed in an uncut video, exposing city life from morning to night. We believe there is no better way to portray the city you love.

Beard timelapse

Show the world your proud beard and how it makes you more handsome and interesting every day, with a hipster touch.

Weightloss timelapse

Everyone knows that diets and New Year’s goals are worthless until you actually make THE decision, the one that makes you become your best self and changes your life to a healthier one, what better way to immortalise it than with a timelapse?

Sunset timelapse

The sunset is always a magical moment that moves the deepest part of our being and makes us marvel at the magnificence of nature. Let everyone else have the opportunity to enjoy a great sunset with a timelapse.

Solar eclipse timelapse

Most of us only have the opportunity to see two or three eclipses in our lifetime, so having the chance to see one is priceless and something to immortalise. Why not with a timelapse?

3D printing timelapse

The 3d printers give an incredible capacity of creation to the one who owns them. From scratch, you have unlimited possibilities to design, polish and manufacture whatever you want from home. A timelapse allows you to record the whole process and encourage others to continue creating.

Drawing timelapse

Recording the drawing process in a timelapse is something that helps to showcase a lot of artists’ work internationally and also allows the community to learn and try new techniques. What else?

Minecraft timelapse

Minecraft, the game of builders, with millions of followers around the world. Wouldn’t it be useful to create a timelapse that would allow you to record your game and also serve as a learning tool for many other players? Why not try it?

Clouds timelapse

The dance of the clouds throughout the day is something hypnotic, reminiscent of quiet summer afternoons in the countryside watching the sky, imagining animal shapes and lost in your thoughts. Why not convey that mood through a wonderful timelapse?

Flowers timelapse

The splendor of flowering captured by your camera – could there be anything better? A timelapse of how your favorite flower expands and shows its best to the world is something not to be missed and worth immortalizing.

Pregnancy timelapse

The most important moment of your life recorded in a timelapse in which you can see how, month by month, a new life grows inside the woman. An indelible memory that will make the wait for the big moment even more pleasant.

Art timelapse

Artists do not only draw, they express the deepest part of their being through different forms. Think about it, wouldn’t it also be fascinating to be able to show your artistic process with a timelapse?

Moon timelapse

The lady of the night, portrayed – is there anything more poetic? Few people have the opportunity to record something so unique and what better format than a timelapse?

Airport timelapse

What better way to portray the hustle and bustle of your trip than to make a timelapse of the airport from which it starts? It shows the hustle and bustle of planes arriving and departing from all corners of the globe, allowing people from all over the world to meet, discover and explore far-flung corners of the world.

Thunderstorm timelapse

The wildness of nature in this pure, electric and water war, in a spectacle that fills us with equal parts awe and admiration. What better way to watch it over and over again with a timelapse?

Nature timelapse

With this timelapse, you have the possibility to portray a natural scenery in its most primitive nature, being able to see the dance of the plants and the movement of the animals that happens when humans are not watching.

Meteor shower timelapse

Meteor showers are one of the most wonderful things that humans can see in their lifetime but, nevertheless, they cannot always be all-encompassing. That’s why you need to make this timelapse and not miss a flash in the sky, like this Perseid meteor shower.

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