5 essential timelapse apps you should try out

If you want to start doing timelapse videos with your phone, you should definitely know these amazing mobile apps. Buckle up!

Hyperlapse of Instagram

Hyperlapse is a mobile app only available for iOS, created by Instagram in 2014 and, additionally, absolutely free. This app is really easy to use and has been specifically designed to create hyperlapses and timelapses.

It works like your normal camera while shooting, but once finished, you have the option to select the desired speed and preview the result. From there, you can instantly share the video on Facebook, Instagram or save it in your smartphone.

Here is an useful tutorial to learn how to use Hyperlapse:


Framelapse is an app available only for Android users, helping you to create amazing timelapse videos directly from your smartphone. In addition, it includes features that will allow you to record in high quality and control the video speed before exporting the final video.

Here is a quick tutorial to learn how to use Framelapse:

Lapse It

Lapse It is great app created by Interactive Universe, avalaible for iOS and Android.

It has cool features, as supporting the back and front cameras to create timelapses. Additionally, it has the Public gallery, where you can post your videos and share them with the community.

Lapse It will take care of the whole process, all you have to do is to select your preferred settings and keep your camera stable!

Here is a great tutorial to learn how to use Lapse It:


Skyflow is only available for iOS devices and it’s a really cool app to do timelapses, focusing in a more professional profile, as it includes advanced features as manual exposure or focus control, as well as an incredible selection of settings, effects and filters to edit your videos.

Additionally, you can reduce noise or increase light sensitivity for night scenes, or change the settings in real time while recording the video. Once you’re finished recording, you will be able to edit the speed before exporting the final clip.

Here is an amazing tutorial for beginners to learn how to use Skyflow:


iMotion is an app only available for iOS and is an excellent resource to create timelapses, with cool features as reverse playback, video filters, voice-activated recording, white balance enhance or automatic auto-saving while recording clips. It’s also a really cool tool to do stop motion videos.

Also, iMotion is compatible with Apple watch, being able to watch and control the videos using your this device.

Here is a cool tutorial to learn how to use iMotion:


In this post, we’ve shown you some amazing timelapse apps that will help you create amazing content with your smartphone, whether you are an Android or iOS user. We hope we have suggested tools that you will find very useful!

However, if you’re still looking for a simpler way to make timelapses, check out some of our great tutorials, like this one Time-Lapse iPhone, that will show everything you must know to create cool timelapse videos right from your iPhone.

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