How to make a timelapse with Android

If you have a smartphone, you have the possibility to make a timelapse. iOS has a pre-built mode to make timelapses in their camera app, but, how it works when you have an Android?

Here, we will see, step by step, all the process to create a wonderful timelapse right from your android phone!

What you will need?

First of all, you will need two key things, an android phone with camera (we don’t need a pro camera but it depends of the quality you want to reach) and a fixed spot to record the timelapse. Remember that a good timelapse will take some recording time, so you will without a phone for a while.

Some new smartphones have already the timelapse feature build-in in their camera apps, so, if you’re the lucky owner of one, these are the steps to follow:

  • Open the camera
  • Get into camera modes
  • Search for “timelapse” or “hyperlapse”
  • Good to go!

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Android Timelapse Apps

Most of people still don’t have this feature inside their phones, so the only option is to download external apps from the store that will help you with this. These are some that you should know:

  • Time Lapse Camera: this app is ready to create stunning timelapses from your camera and publish them right away on YouTube.
  • Lapse It : Lapse It is a very simple app that allows you to create timelapses and, in addition, enables you to create stop motion videos, being a flexible tool for your android smartphone.
  • Hyperlapse: Microsoft Hyperlapse is a really intuitive app to create HD timelapses videos and it includes an editor to modificate and improve your existing timelapses. 
  • Framelapse: this app includes multiple features to create amazing timelapses on your Android smartphone in high definition. Among the different features you can find: time intervals, color effects, white balance…

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