3 Flashback alternatives you must know

Looking for great substitutes to Flashback screen recorder to create cool timelapses of your screen and show off your work? Check out this great possibilities!


Hustl is a Mac app that allows you to create great timelapses with no post editing required. Adjust the frame you want to record or limit it to an specific app or page and hit “record”!

When finished, you will be able to adjust the video speed and export directly your timelapse video, ready to share!

These are the some of the features of its new version, Hustl 2.0:

  • Fix the aspect ratio. Or go fullscreen: Go fullscreen in a single click, or get to adjust every capture area with pixel perfect precision and aided by the tool to lock the aspect ratio.
  • Ultra high-definition. 4K & 8K support: you can now export up to 8K resolution. Enjoy the quality and the precision of every pixel on the screen.
  • Capture only the active app: Set a specific app as a target and Hustl will prevent any other screens to be part of your time-lapse by automagically ignoring all other activity happening outside of your app.
  • Pause your time-lapse. Resume anytime: Hustl lets you pause and resume your recording at any time, as many times as you need. 
  • Slow down. Or speed up. Select the final duration and control every detail: Adjust output video format and select export time, choosing how long the time-lapse will be by changing the amount of frames per second (FPS) the output video will use. Learn more about how to choose the perfect speed for timelapses with the timelapse calculator.

Here you can see a real example of a user creating with Hustl:


Monosnap is a software created to design an easier process to work remotely, by sharing videos or screenshots of your own screen, being able to communicate in a faster and efficient way.

To create a timelapse from a screen recorder without speed up features like Monosnap, you can check out the tutorial on how to make a speedpaint or this one, how to slow down a timelapse.

Free Cam

Free Cam is a screen recorder (only available for Windows) that allows you to record the selected area of your screen and include your own audio, having also cool features as the possibility to record system sounds or highlight important things including mouse click sounds and highlighting options.

Once recorded, Free Cam includes a video editor that will allow you to trim unnecessary parts and fix audio, having a great final video.

To create a timelapse from a screen recorder without features to speed the video up like Free Cam, check out our tutorial on how to make a speedpaint or this one, where we teach you how to slow down a timelapse.


In this blogpost, we’ve shown you some great alternatives to Flashback.

We have introduced three options to consider: Hustl, Free Cam and Monosnap. If you were wondering different possibilities to Flashback, we hope we’ve given you some new great ideas!

Oh, and by the way!

Are you already using Hustl?

This blog is run by Hustl, a Mac app that lets you record awesome time-lapse videos of your Mac screen.

It's extremely useful for designers, illustrators and digital creative professionals in general because it doesn't require you to record a full video and then speed it up – instead, it directly records the time-lapse! As easy as start-stop-timelapse! Have a look:

Since you're already reading blog posts like this one, you might enjoy using it! It may very well save you hours of hours in editing and video processing – and allow you to document your whole work process and put out cool original, content like crazy at no additional effort!

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